By David Hopkins(The Giza Project, Harvard University)

Co-Sponsored by Wentworth Institute of Technology

In 1925, nearly 100 feet underground in a tomb near the Great Pyramid at the famous site of Giza, the Harvard University–Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition discovered a deteriorated royal furniture set belonging to Queen Hetepheres, mother of the builder of the Great Pyramid.  In the 1930s, conservators reconstructed much of the furniture, but the queen’s most elaborate chair was only sketched on paper – until now.  David Hopkins, primary builder of a reproduction chair for research by the Giza Project at Harvard, will chronicle its design and construction, including the use of modern techniques like 3D digital modeling and computer-controlled milling, and will discuss insights into ancient Egyptian workmanship that this work has produced. 


Wentworth Institute of Technology

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Boston, MA 02115

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