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This lecture is Co-Sponsored by the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University and will be held in Emerson Hall, Room 108

Scientific and Technical Projects for Conservation of Mural Paintings at Queen Nefertari's and King Tutankhamun's Tombs at Thebes, Luxour

A lecture by

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Hady
Cairo University

In recent decades, there has been an increasing international interest and focus on all areas of conservation of human cultural heritage. The lecture will be focused on the paintings belonging to the tombs of King Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertari. These wall paintings are of outstanding quality due to their historical and artistic values. In 2009, the Getty Conservation Institute (Los Angeles, CA) and Egyptian experts entered into a five-year partnership to collaborate on a project for conservation of the walls paintings in these tombs. This lecture will focus on the results of this scientific collaboration.

Dr. Mohamed Abdelhady is Professor of Conservation and Rehabilitation of Historical Buildings and Sites in the Faculty of Archaeology at Cairo University, Giza, Egypt. He is also Chairman of the Antiquities Committee in the Supreme Council of Culture, Ministry of Culture in Egypt.