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This lecture is co-sponsored by the Boston University Archaeology Department and will take place in Room 211 in the Boston University Photonics Center.

Recent Excavations at Arab Al-Hisn

a lecture by

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty

Professor of Egyptology, Ain Shams University
Former Minister of Antiquities, Cairo, Egypt

There are still many undiscovered secrets in Egypt, especially in the area of the great temple of Re in ancient Heliopolis/Matarya. Arab Al-Hisn is an important part of this great temple. In October of 2017, Ain Shams University began its new mission, under the supervision of Mamdouh Eldamaty, to undertake excavations in Arab Al-Hisn, which have showed very positive results.
The first season of the excavation revealed a religious complex and ceremonial palace of the Ramesside period. At the end of the second season in April of 2018, a very unique ceremonial chapel of Ramesses II was discovered, which was used for the royal celebrations of the king, such as the ceremony of the king's coronation and the Heb-Sed festival. This royal chapel is considered the first of its kind discovered from the New Kingdom. The area of the ceremonial palace witnessed important incidents of ancient Egyptian history under the reigns of King Ramesses II, Ramesses IV and Ramesses IX.
An important collection of mud brick walls of a casemate building was also revealed, with different layers of its construction dating to the Ramesside period, third intermediate period, and late period. Other important artifacts have been discovered during the digging process that are helping rewrite the history of the ancient city of Heliopolis.